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Visit Mumbai’s leading Eyewear chain and fashion destination and select from largest collection of brands and more than 2000+ frames.

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G-3, Ventura Near Aromas, High St, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

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About Gangar

For more than 40 years, Gangar Eyenation has been the leading eyewear chain in the country and also a trendsetter. Our goal, to provide a high-quality eyewear without compromising on style, has helped us maintain a distinguished presence in the industry. Even with the changing times, our founding values of trust, honesty, and transparency remain unwavering.

Eye Care & EYE Advice

At Gangar Eyenation store you get the eye checkup facilities that you will not find elsewhere at a local Eye Wear shop. Being one of the leaders in the eye care industry, we constantly update our technology and have the latest digital equipment that detects even the most minute defect with utmost precision.

Our trained and highly skilled eye care experts conduct a series of tests to provide accurate prescription as well as recommend the best remedy for all eye problems.



Gangar Eyenation prides itself in providing the latest eye care solutions. Every client receives a highly personalised service from a team of experts, thereby creating a product that is entirely customised.

Digital Eye Checkup

Binocular function test, Retinoscopy and many such ophthalmic evaluations help diagnose eye conditions with high precision.


Low Vision Aids

Low vision aids help enhance and protect the vision with the help of prescription eyewear, filters, magnifiers, and adaptive equipment.

Speciality Lenses

Specialised contact lenses are designed to address a myriad of issues. Bifocal, Toric, and prosthetic lenses are latest in line to aid vision impairment.

Qualified Staff

Certified Optometrists and qualified staff to help address your eye care and style needs. Experience an after sales support like no other.


We are the leading Eyewear chain in India for a reason. With 41 years of experience in eyecare, we offer unparalleled customer experience for all your needs. We boast the widest range in eyewear brands and designs to suit every taste. When you choose Gangar Eyenation, you’re choosing the latest in eyewear technology as per international standards.


At Gangar, we care for your eyes, but we also care for the eyes of millions of those people who lack in sufficient eye care and suffer from sight problems which can be easily ignored. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we are proud to join hands with one of the most dedicated charitable trust involved in improving vision for hundreds of adults and children who are in need but cannot afford basic eye care.

To support this noble cause, we take care that all old spectacles collected by us reach the trust safely. The trust then passes on these spectacles after a free eye examination, to those in need. These tests are conducted by us at schools, orphanages and villages to provide free eye examination and also educate about healthy eyecare practices.

 Kids Eyewear

Our wide range of stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses for kids is truly unmatched. Our eye care experts take a special interest in catering to the needs of the kids.


With the eye problems becomes more common the young generation, we have been proactive in having a specialised lens for the kids to keep their eyes protected from all kinds of diseases like myopia, streff syndrome, astigmatism and many more.


Customers Speak
What truly differentiates us is our undying commitment and concern for our customer’s needs.

“I visited the Gangar store last week to get a pair of new contact lens and it was amazing experience for me. I am super happy with my new pair that the experts help me choose.”

Niti Shah

“I am so glad to know that we have a store in India that provides such an amazing customer service. The experts at the Gangar store truly care for the customers.”

Shivani Gandhi

“I took my wife to Gangar Eyenation store and, It was surprising for me to find all the best international brands including some of the most luxury brands under one roof.”

Vishal Dave

“All my family members have been loyal patrons of the Gangar Eyenation and now I know why. The selection of products and the awesome service makes it a family favourite. ”

Aditi Bhatt


Which brands are available at this store?
We have the widest selection of brands available in India. We also have some exclusive international brands that you can only find in Gangar Eyenation in India.
What is the warrantee period of the products?
Warrantee period depends on the manufacturer of the brand. Please contact the store to get more information.

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